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Here Are Some Kitties That Stopped By To Visit Our Page - Email Us With Your Kitty Picture If You Would Like to Join Us

Aurthur is a Norwegian cat who lives in Paris. He used to be an outdoor cat who prefered to fend for himself, but he was badly injured last July '99 when he fell from a balcony. His owner nursed him back to health for a month, and ever since he has been a very loving and affectionate cat who loves to hang around his family. He eats all sorts of things other cats avoid, like mushrooms, beans, crackers, peanuts, and cheese!

Bidou lives with Aurthur in Paris. He is very jealous of Aurthur as they have not always lived together. Their owners think Bidou caused Aurthur's accident, perhaps as they fought over sardines on the balcony. While Aurthur was being nursed back to health, Bidou was happy to be king of the house for a while. (photos submitted 2001)




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