Oreganet - Cam Shots
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Ooo, ooo! Who's that coming up the stairs?


I'm in charge of this house.


I'm so bored. Won't anyone play with me?


So, what do you want to do this afternoon?




Anyone in here?


I see you!




I suppose I should go do something productive...


Aaah, sunlight!


Look, I think I see something!


Hmm, I never noticed that before.


Crunch crunch crunch crunch gulp crunch crunch


I'm so bored. If only I could go outside.


Heh heh heh, I got to the kibbles first!


Hmm, why are there so few kibbles today?



Updated April 12, 2004.

©1999 - 2004 Wayne & Christy Devonport, Except for background and animation.